Object Name/Title: RAC Kiosk
SENTRY BOX No 178 Golden Cross was located on the Birmingham to Bromsgrove Road A38 & B4185 and is recorded in the 1930 RAC Handbook as telephone number Bromsgrove 261, but by 1950 had changed to Bromsgrove 2261 as the telephone network exapanded. The box was discovered at Alvechurch Marina being used to house a Payphone. Due to the close proximity of Alvechurch to Bromsgrove, it likely that this was the RAC Box No 178, which stood outside the Golden Cross Public House. These boxes were designed for use by RAC members, who were supplied with a key, primarily to sumon roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Though there was friendly rivalry beween the the RAC and the AA, in the interest of both sets of members, the keys opened both RAC and AA boxes. This particular kiosk wasn't fitted with a payphone so members were encouraged to leave payment for any call made in a honesty box. Points of interest include Starlights (Cats Eyes) to externally illuminate the RAC sign at night and appropriate internal information panels. Number manufactured: though to be around 500
Date: 1950s to 1980s
Dimensions: 37 x37 x 98 inches
Classification: The network and street furniture
Owning Collection: Avoncroft Museum
Reference: KC_K41
Thesaurus Term: motoring telephone kiosks