Object Name/Title: AA kiosk
SENTRY BOX No 45 DERRY HILL This box was located on the Bath Road A4/ Devizes A342 Chippenham and was recorded in 1950 as Telephone Number Chippenham 2032. Prior to it being stored at the AA Headquarters it was at the Brooklands Motor Museum. This box was built just after World War Two at the Andover Ex-Serviceman’s Workshops, but there is some doubt as to the actual date of its manufacture. Its main construction is of steel faced plywood and points of interest include an original Location Map and Honesty Box. Although not an original fitment, this box has been equipped with an authentic Wind Generator to demonstrate the use of this facility. Commercially these are known as Lucas freelites and are found in windy situations where no mains electricity is available. It is uses a 12 volt generator with a propeller attached. There is also a wind operated rudder to turn the generator into the wind. Number Manufactured: probably a few 100s.
Date: 1919 - early 1950s
Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 105 inches
Classification: The network and street furniture
Owning Collection: Avoncroft Museum
Reference: KC_K30
Thesaurus Term: motoring telephone kiosks