Object Name/Title: Mobile electronic exchange R02 605/MXEC39
The ELECTRONIC TELEPHONE EXCHANGE (TXE2) was introduced in 1966 as a replacement for the small and medium size Strowger exchanges and during its life time over 1500 units were installed in the UK. The first exchange to go live was at Ambergate, Derbyshire. The exchange at the museum is the mobile version and was last in service at Sennybridge, South Wales. Normally the unit comes in two caravans, but former BT engineer Graham Bonson has consolidated these into one unit to produce a working exchange. It is now the only working and remaining TXE2 exchange in the UK. It is maintained in full working order as the fictitious exchange 'BUNTSFORD HILL’. Manufactured by Plessey Telecommunications (equipment) and Longwell Green Coachworks Ltd (caravan). Caravan GPO olive green; inside cream all units. 2 register racks; 1 aux equipment rack; 1 calling number generator rack; 1 class of service rack; 1 control rack; 1 power switchboard (No 7/20 mk 3) 2 rectifiers; 1 live unit rack; 1 supervisory rack; 1 meter rack 1 D-switch and register switch rack; 1 trunk junction frame; 1 stands test; 1 contact tester; 1 inter connect frame; 1 remote analysis MDR call sending overflows alarms.
Date: 1965-1970
Dimensions: 9000mm wide x 3000mm deep x 3300mm high (22 x 7.5 x 9 feet) mounted on wheels.
Classification: Communication systems
Owning Collection: Avoncroft Museum
Reference: KC_E2
Thesaurus Term: mobile telephone exchange