Object Name/Title: Unit Automatic Exchange (B1 UAX 13X )
The STAPLEFORD (ESSEX). UNIT AUTOMATIC EXCHANGE (UAX13) (installed in1956) was designed and installed by the Post Office Engineering Department. The modernization of this exchange in 1992 marked the end of the Strowger automatic exchange systems in BT's London Region. As it was a condition of planning approval that the old exchange building be removed once the new 'digital' exchange had been commissioned, Avoncroft seemed an ideal new site for the old exchange. The building had gone up in timber sections and was taken down the same way in August/September 1993. Its removal from Essex and re-construction at Avoncroft, using a grant from the Museums and Galleries Commission, was undertaken by contractor Mick Cundliffe and Weaver builders, under the supervision of Associated Architects, using the engineering expertise of former BT employee Andrew Hurley. It is maintained in full working order as the fictitious exchange 'AVONCROFT' and is the principal exchange used to enable interconnection of all of the on-site telephones.
Date: 1956
Dimensions: 4600mm wide x 7000mm deep x 3800mm high (15 x 23 x 8.5 feet plus a pitched roof)
Classification: Communication systems
Owning Collection: Avoncroft Museum
Reference: KC_E1
Thesaurus Term: Strowger switching equipment