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 Telecommunications Object Thesaurus Terms

This A-Z list of telecommunications objects shows the preferred and non-preferred terms in the thesaurus.

Plural: variable capacitors
Top Term: common component
Broader Term: capacitor
Scope Notes:
Plural: variable resistors
Top Term: common component
Broader Term: resistor
Narrower Terms: thermistor  ballast  
Scope Notes:
Varley insulator
Plural: Varley insulators
Use: insulator
Definition: Pattern of insulator designed by Varley - largely cylindrical, with a single groove and domed top.
Plural: vehicle maintenance bays
Top Term: built work
Broader Term: building division
Scope Notes: A working area within a vehicle maintenance workshop.
Plural: vehicle maintenance workshops
Top Term: built work
Broader Term: maintenance structure
Scope Notes: A building devoted to the maintenance and repair of telecommunication company motor vehicles.
Plural: vehicles with on-board machinery
Top Term: transport
Broader Term: motor transport
vibrating telephone
Plural: vibrating telephone
Definition: A vibrating phone or 'bone phone' is designed for people with conductive hearing loss, a condition that affects the middle ear. A vibrating phone is basically a standard corded telephone with a vibrating earpiece, which is held against the bone behind the ear. Speech vibrations travel by conduction through the bone to the cochlea in the inner ear. Hearing members of the household can also use the handset normally.
Plural: video conferencing
Broader Term: conferencing system
Scope Notes:
Plural: videophones
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone instrument
Scope Notes:
Plural: visual call indicators
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: call indicator
Scope Notes: Lights, etc. used to call attention to an incoming call.
Vocabulary of Post Office Engineering Stores
Plural: Vocabulary of Post Office Engineering Stores
VoIP phone
Plural: VoIP phones
Definition: Telephone using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks.

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