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 Telecommunications Object Thesaurus Terms

This A-Z list of telecommunications objects shows the preferred and non-preferred terms in the thesaurus.

Plural: ladders
Broader Term: access equipment
Scope Notes:
Plural: ladder accessories
Broader Term: access equipment
Narrower Terms: ladder chain  
Scope Notes:
Plural: ladder chains
Broader Term: ladder accessory
Plural: lamps
Narrower Terms: safety lamp  hand lamp  head lamp  
Scope Notes:
Plural: lamp box glasss
Top Term: common component
Broader Term: common component
Scope Notes: Plain sheet piece of glass, in various colours, typically used in Lamps, Alarm-indicating, No. 1 ...
Langdon insulator
Plural: Langdon insulators
Use: insulator
Definition: Conical multi-grooved insulator, designed by Langdon.
Plural: lead sleeves
Broader Term: cable protection
Scope Notes:
Plural: lead/acid batteries
Broader Term: secondary battery
Plural: lead/acid cells
Broader Term: secondary cell
Plural: leathercloth aprons
Broader Term: protective clothing
Plural: Leclanché batteries
Broader Term: primary battery
Scope Notes: Group of two or more Leclanché cells.
Plural: Leclanché cells
Broader Term: primary cell
Plural: lift caution plates
Broader Term: warning notice
Plural: lift instruction plates
Broader Term: instructional notice
Scope Notes: Instruction plates for operating of lifts in buildings, e.g. Plates, Instruction, No.1 ('AFTER ...
lift music
Plural: lift music
lift music system
Plural: lift music system
Plural: light beam telegraphs
Broader Term: optical telegraph
Scope Notes:
Plural: light ladders
Broader Term: ladder
Scope Notes: Single section ladder of lighter construction than the 'stout' ladder.
light pole
Plural: light poles
Use: wood pole
Definition: Wooden pole. Marked with one crown on the butt. Scarfed, bored for arm bolts and provided with roof slopes. Supplied in lengths from 16 to 50 feet.
Plural: lighting and power fittings
Broader Term: built work fitting
Scope Notes: Room lighting and mains power systems and parts only. For telecommunication equipment power supply ...
lightning protector
Plural: lightning protectors
Definition: See surge arrester.
Plural: line concentrator equipment
Broader Term: switching equipment
Scope Notes:
line jack
Plural: line jacks
Definition: Socket for telephone outlets.
Plural: lineman's telegraph test sets
Broader Term: telegraph test equipment
Scope Notes: Portable tester for use on telegraph circuits and lines.
Plural: lineman's telephones
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone instrument
Scope Notes:
Lippen's telegraph
Plural: Lippen's telegraphs
Definition: Dial telegraph designed by Lippen.
Lippen's telegraph instrument
Plural: Lippen's telegraph instruments
Definition: Dial telegraph instrument designed by Lippen.
Plural: loading pots
Broader Term: transmission equipment
Plural: locking wedges
Broader Term: test accessory
Scope Notes:
Plural: loudspeaker units
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone component
Scope Notes:
loudspeaking telephone
Plural: loudspeaking telephones
Definition: Form of telephone in which the principle method of use is done without holding a handset or similar. Includes units which include a handset for occasional use, but where loud-speaking use is still the primary method of use.
Plural: lubricants
Top Term: consumable item
Broader Term: consumable item
Narrower Terms: switchgear lubricant  

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