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 Telecommunications Object Thesaurus Terms

This A-Z list of telecommunications objects shows the preferred and non-preferred terms in the thesaurus.

Plural: key and lamp units
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Plural: keyboard perforators
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Plural: keyboard telegraph instruments
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telegraph instrument
Scope Notes:
Plural: keyboard transmitters
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telegraph transmitter
Use For: Baudot keyboard  
Scope Notes:
keymaster telephone
Plural: keymaster telephones
Definition: Telephone with integral press switches enabling direct contact with each other and shared access to one or two network lines. The one line system could have up to 5 instruments. The two line models could have up to 10 instruments.
keypad telephone
Plural: keypad telephones
Definition: A telephone in which push buttons are used for signalling the required subscriber number.
Plural: keysenders
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: dialling accessory
Scope Notes:
Plural: kiosk carrier trailers
Top Term: transport
Broader Term: trailer
kiosk desk
Plural: kiosk desks
Definition: Desk surface used in pre-Jubilee kiosks and cabinets for holding telephone directories.
kiosk door closing spring
Plural: kiosk door closing springs
kiosk door handle
Plural: kiosk door handles
kiosk door hinge
Plural: kiosk door hinges
Definition: Brass butt hinge with phosphor-bronze washers, for kiosk door.
kiosk door restraining strap
Plural: kiosk door restraining straps
Definition: Heavy leather strap for limiting opening of kiosk doors.
kiosk door spring adapter plate
Plural: kiosk door spring adapter plates
Definition: Needed to fit door closing springs on certain kiosks.
kiosk door spring shackle
Plural: kiosk door spring shackles
Definition: Shackle and pin used to fix Spring, Door-closing, No. 5.
kiosk door strap shackle
Plural: kiosk door strap shackles
Definition: Used to fix Strap, Restraining, No. 2. Used with pin Part, 1/SPI/169.
kiosk lightbox
Plural: kiosk lightboxes
Definition: Scope note required.
kiosk mirror
Plural: kiosk mirrors
Definition: Mirror for mounting on a telephone kiosk wallboard.
kiosk mirror frame
Plural: kiosk mirror frames
Definition: Frame for a telephone kiosk mirror.
kiosk notice frame
Plural: kiosk notice frames
Definition: Frame for instructions, etc. in telephone kiosks.
kiosk notice frame bracket
Plural: kiosk notice frame brackets
Definition: Wall-mount for telephone kiosk notice frames.
kiosk notice frame glass
Plural: kiosk notice frame glasses
Definition: Glass used in kiosk notice frame.
kiosk shelf bracket
Plural: kiosk shelf brackets
Definition: Used to support the desk in kiosks.
kiosk shelf part
Plural: kiosk shelf parts
kiosk shelf unit
Plural: kiosk shelf units
kiosk signbox
Plural: kiosk signboxes
Definition: Scope note required.
kiosk steel capping
Plural: kiosk steel cappings
Definition: Used in Kiosk, No. 6 to cover incoming line and earth wires from point of entry to behind wallboard.
Plural: kiosk tools
Broader Term: payphone tool
Scope Notes: Scope note required.
kiosk window pane
Plural: kiosk window panes
Definition: Glass or polycarbonate panel, used in kiosk window or door.
Kleinschmidt perforator
Plural: Kleinschmidt perforators
Definition: Keyboard perforator for producing Wheatstone morse-tape, designed by Kleinschmidt.
Plural: Krone connectors
Scope Notes: A specific type of insulation-displacement connector.

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