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 Telecommunications Object Thesaurus Terms

This A-Z list of telecommunications objects shows the preferred and non-preferred terms in the thesaurus.

Plural: jacks
Broader Term: temporary connector
Narrower Terms: jack strip  
Scope Notes: A connector (male or female) in a fixed location (e.g. mounted on a panel or attached to a piece of ...
Plural: jack strips
Broader Term: jack
Plural: joint boxes
Scope Notes: Small precast box with lid, for setting into the ground as part of local distribution schemes.
Plural: joint box channels
Scope Notes: Metal frame in various sizes,for setting into pavement surface, to accommodate joint box ...
Plural: joint box covers
Plural: joint box keys
Scope Notes: Hand tool for safe removal of joint box covers
Plural: jointer's stools
Scope Notes: A stool, primarily intended for the use of jointers.
Official Title: Stool, Folding
Plural: jointer's tents
Scope Notes: Covered wood or metal frame tent, for protection of engineers whilst working on underground cabling ...
Plural: jointer's tent seatboards
jointer's tool
Plural: jointer's tools
Plural: jointing equipment
Narrower Terms: blowlamp  boxwood dresser  fibre jointing kit  shavehook  
Use For: jointer's tool  
Scope Notes:
Plural: jointing sleeves
Broader Term: cable joint component
Plural: jumper wires
Broader Term: wire
Scope Notes: Wire comprised of between 1 and 5 twisted conductors, for use in connecting frames, cabinets and ...

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