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 Telecommunications Object Thesaurus Terms

This A-Z list of telecommunications objects shows the preferred and non-preferred terms in the thesaurus.

daffodil telephone
Plural: daffodil telephones
Definition: A colloquial name (suggested by the shape of the receiver) for the pedestal-type telephone popularly known as a 'candlestick telephone'.
Plural: Daniell cells
Broader Term: primary cell
Plural: deep water submarine cables
Scope Notes:
Delaney multiplexer
Plural: Delaney multiplexers
Definition: Rotary muliplexer of the Delaney pattern.
Plural: Deltaphones
Definition: A leather covered version of the Trimphone. Released by Brtish Telecom as part of their special range of telephones, c1980. Source: customer literature PH 2523. BT Archives finding number TCB 318/PH2523
Plural: demonstration equipment
Broader Term: promotional material
Plural: demonstration telephone
Broader Term: demonstration equipment
Scope Notes:
Plural: demultiplexers
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: multiplexing apparatus
Scope Notes: Mechanical or electronic device in which multiple telegraph, telephone or data streams are ...
Plural: derricks
Use: standard
Definition: The term for installations where three or more uprights were combined to form a single overhead line support structure .
desk stand
Plural: desk stands
desk telephone
Plural: desk telephones
Plural: dessicating equipment
Broader Term: drying equipment
Narrower Terms: CO2 dessicator  
Scope Notes: Equipment used to test and dry out cables, joints, etc.
Plural: dessicator blocks
Top Term: consumable item
Plural: dials
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone component
Plural: dial labels
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone component
Plural: dial label numbering machines
Scope Notes: Self-inking 6-digit numbering stamp, for customising of telephone dial labels.
Plural: dial mountings
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: dialling accessory
Plural: dial telegraph commutators
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telegraph transmitter
Scope Notes:
Plural: dial telegraph receivers
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telegraph receiver
Scope Notes: Device for receiving messages and displaying them via a dial and pointer.
dial telephone
Plural: dial telephones
Definition: A telephone in which a rotary dial is used for signalling the required subscriber number.
Plural: dialling accessories
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone accessory
Narrower Terms: dial mounting  keysender  
Scope Notes:
Plural: dialling code booklets
Broader Term: dialling code list
Scope Notes: A list of telephone exchanges with their corresponding dialling codes in booklet form.
Plural: dialling code cards
Broader Term: dialling code list
Plural: dialling code lists
Broader Term: directory
Narrower Terms: dialling code booklet  dialling code card  
Plural: diamond pointed steel wedge
Broader Term: steel wedge
Plural: differential indicators
Broader Term: pneumatic indicator unit
digital subscriber line filter
Plural: digital subscriber line filters
Use: DSL filter
Definition: A filter installed between analog devices (such as telephones or analog modems) and a conventional (POTS) telephone line, in order to prevent interference between such devices and a DSL (digital subscriber line) service operating on the same line.
Plural: digital switching equipment
Scope Notes:
Plural: directional notices
Broader Term: building sign or notice
Plural: directional signs
Top Term: street furniture
Broader Term: street furniture
Narrower Terms: call office sign  telegraph office sign  
Plural: directional sign mountings
Top Term: street furniture
Broader Term: street furniture
Scope Notes: Hook, bracket, etc. for a sign directing the public to a telecommunications facility.
Plural: directional sign S hooks
Top Term: street furniture
Scope Notes: S form hook for suspending a call office sign.
Official Title: Hooks, S""
Plural: directories
Scope Notes:
Plural: directory enquiries material
Scope Notes: Material relating to directory enquiries services. For directory publications see telephone ...
Plural: disability aids
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone accessory
Scope Notes:
Plural: disguised mobile phone towers
Top Term: built work
Broader Term: mobile phone tower
Plural: distribution amplifiers
Broader Term: amplifier
Scope Notes:
Plural: distribution cases
Scope Notes: Larger form of block terminal for up to several hundreds of wires. Various forms, sizes and ...
Plural: distribution frames
distribution pillar
Plural: distribution pillars
Definition: Weatherproof cylinder (glass fibre or reinforced concrete) for housing of small cross-connecting points within the local distribution network.
Plural: diver's telephones
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Broader Term: telephone instrument
Scope Notes:
Plural: diverting switches
Broader Term: pneumatic tube component
Scope Notes:
Initial Reference: EI MISC, Pneumatic, B1003
Official Title: Switches, Diverting, ...
Plural: double-needle telegraphs
Broader Term: needle telegraph
Scope Notes: Electric telegraph in which letters are indicated by left/right movements of a two centre-pivoted ...
Plural: double-needle telegraph instruments
Top Term: terminal apparatus
Scope Notes: Electric telegraph instrument in which letters are indicated by left/right movements of a two ...
Plural: draw vices
Broader Term: aerial wire tensioner
Plural: draw vice keys
Broader Term: overhead line tool
Plural: driving weights
Broader Term: pneumatic tube tool
Scope Notes:
Plural: drop-wires
Broader Term: cable
Plural: drop-wire clamps
Top Term: street furniture
Broader Term: overhead line fitting
Scope Notes: Pressure clamp or friction grip for secure holding ends of insulated drop-wire spans.
Plural: drum telegraphs
Broader Term: struck telegraph
Scope Notes:
Plural: drying equipment
Narrower Terms: baking tin  dessicating equipment  
Scope Notes:
Plural: ducts
Scope Notes: Section of pipe (3 to 4 inch internal diameter) used to form continuous underground tubes between ...
Plural: duct capacity guages
Scope Notes:
Plural: duct motors
Broader Term: cablelaying equipment
Plural: dust blowers
Broader Term: cleaning equipment
Scope Notes:

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