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Walker, Steve

Steve Walker worked as a program manager within APRA’s (Advanced Research Projects Agency) Information Processing Techniques Office.

He created the first APRANET mailing list in 1975 called MsgGroup. APRANET was a predecessor to the internet.

Watson, Thomas (1854-1934) : electromagnetically my dear Watson!
Thomas Watson was Alexander Graham Bell's right-hand man who helped him create the telephone.

Watson grew up in a livery stable, in Salem....
Wheatstone, Sir Charles (1802-1875) : a man with many strings to his bow
Charles Wheatstone was a musical instrument maker who also made major improvements to the telegraph.

He began his career inventing new musical instruments and novelties, one of which, 'The Enchanted Lyre', appeared to play itself whilst suspended in mid-air....
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Can you beat our games? Explode equipment to see what's inside, hear the changing sounds of telecommunications, see how telecommunications designs have changed over time or send an e-postacard.

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The UK's first permanent gallery dedicated to the history of information and communication technologies opens in the new Information Age gallery at London’s Science Museum.

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Take a trip down memory lane with extracts of the interviews which have been recorded as part of the Connected Earth oral history programme.

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100 years of automatic switching!
In 1912 the GPO installed Britain's first automatic telephone exchange in Epsom.

Discover the early days of the telephone...