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Schilling, Baron Pavel Lvovich von (1786-1837) : another explosive idea
Pavel Schilling was a Russian engineer who created the first electromagnetic telegraph.

Schilling was actually born Paul Constadt, Baron von Schilling, but became popular across Russia by his more familiar names, however....
Schilling and Gray : close - but no cigar
The Russian born Baron Pavel Schilling is one of the forgotten pioneers of the telegraph. He had developed a working needle telegraph four years before Cooke and Wheatstone - and a working code seven years before Morse.

But Schilling's work in Germany was halted by the government there in 1836 and soon afterwards he died....
Scott, Sir Giles Gilbert (1880-1960) : designing an institution
Giles Gilbert Scott was a successful architect who designed the famous red telephone boxes used throughout Britain for most of the 20th century.

Scott developed a keen interest in church architecture, and his designs for Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral were chosen while he was still a pupil....
Sharples, George (1820-1903) : a popular man
George Sharples was a successful businessman who installed the first telephone exchange in Preston.

Sharples was a jack-of-all-trades who could turn his hand to just about anything....
Shockley, William (1910-1989) : joint inventor of the transistor
William Shockley was one of the co-inventors of the transistor, which earned him the Nobel prize in 1956.

Shockley had been interested in physics since he was a boy, and studied it at college, successfully graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in 1936....
Stephenson, Robert (1806-1859) : full steam ahead
Robert Stephenson and his father built the first commercial railway locomotive - the Rocket.

Stephenson's father worked hard to find the money to put his son through school, although Robert always maintained that it was his father's personal training that made him one of the era's most successful engineers....
Strowger, Almon Brown (1839-1902) : operator - get off the line!
Almon Strowger was an undertaker who created the first automatic telephone switching machine.

Strowger was an irritable and eccentric man who moved to Kansas from New York State....
Sturgeon, William (1783-1850) : a life of downs, ups, and downs again
William Sturgeon invented the electro-magnet, which was essential to the development of the telegraph and the telephone.

Born in the north of England, he had little schooling and worked as an apprentice shoemaker....
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