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Reeves, Alec Harley (1902-1971) : a peaceful man with a rapid pulse
Alec Reeves devised Pulse-Code Modulation, the first digital coding system, which liberated bandwidth.

Reeves, a natural tinkerer, grew up in the Home Counties....
Reis, Philip (1834-1874) : DIY telephone designer
It's not certain whether it could be described as a telephone, but Philip Reis was actually the first man to transmit sound electrically.

Born and raised in Germany, Reis could already read German, French, English, Latin and Italian by the age of 10 and he was keenly interested in mathematics and science....
Reith, Sir John (1889-1971) : the man at the BBC
John Reith was the first Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

A tall (6'7"), energetic and imposing son of a Scottish church minister, Reith was an engineer who was recruited to run the BBC in 1922, aged just 33....
Reuter, Paul Julius (1816-1899) : news at the speed of light - or flight!
Paul Reuter pioneered the use of the telegraph to build a news distribution empire.

Reuter, born in Germany, was originally called Israel Beer Josaphat. Working as a bank clerk, he spotted a gap in the market for delivering financial information and prices and set up a news delivery service....
Roget, Peter (1779-1869) : keeping the eye in focus
Peter Roget, famed as the creator of the first thesaurus, also proved persistence of vision in the human eye.

Roget was naturally gifted as a child. Born in London, he went to Edinburgh University to study mathematics and medicine after his Swiss father died young....
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100 years of automatic switching!
In 1912 the GPO installed Britain's first automatic telephone exchange in Epsom.

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