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Page, Larry (born 1973)
Larry Page, along with Sergey Brin, co-founded one of the most popular internet search engines: 'Google'.

Page grew up in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in engineering, focussed mainly on computer engineering....
Pender, John (1820-1903) : laying a cable empire

John Pender was a Scottish entrepreneur who founded the world's largest telecommunications network.

Pender was driven by ambition. He left school to work in a cotton mill and became managing director when he was just 21....

Pierce, John (1910-2002) : putting the 'ace' into space
John Pierce was responsible for the building of the first space communication satellites, Echo and Telstar.

Pierce was born in Des Moines, Iowa but moved to the West Coast, where he studied at the California Institute of Technology, attaining a Ph.D in 1936....
Popov, Alexander (1859-1906) : the other inventor of radio
Alexander Popov invented a wireless communications system at about the same time as Marconi.

The main difference between the two men was that Popov was a scientist without the business ambitions of Marconi, and wasn't as interested in selling his invention....
Preece, William (1834-1913) : doing the best for the company
William Preece was the Chief Engineer of the General Post Office who introduced wireless telegraphy to the organisation.
Preece had conducted wireless experiments with limited success for the Post Office, when in 1896 he was introduced to the young Marconi, who had already solved some of the problems that defeated him....
Pupin, Michael Idvorsky (1858-1935) : having a load on his mind
Michael Pupin developed the technique of 'loading' telephone cables, which made long-distance telephone calls possible.

He was born in Serbia, which at the time was a turbulent nation sandwiched between the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires....
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The UK's first permanent gallery dedicated to the history of information and communication technologies opens in the new Information Age gallery at London’s Science Museum.

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