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Kahn, Bob Kahn, Bob (born 1938)

Bob Kahn was co-designer of the system for handling data communication between computers known as TCP/IP.

Kahn shone as a computer genius at Princeton University. He had periods of work at AT&T's Bell Laboratories and teaching electrical engineering at MIT, before joining the ARPAnet project, which was laying the foundations of the Internet, in 1972.

He gave the first demonstration of ARPAnet - a network of 40 computers - which introduced the concept of the Internet to the world at large. But the structure couldn't handle huge traffic loads, and Kahn joined forces with Vint Cerf in 1973 to write the software called 'communication protocols' that would allow any computer to talk to any other, no matter what hardware or software they used.

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) was expanded later to include Internet Protocol (IP), and this software underpins the Internet we use today.

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