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Heaviside, Oliver (1850-1925) : a genius of mathematical proportions
Oliver Heaviside was a genius who provided the theory for long-distance telephones and predicted the existence of the ionosphere.

He was born in the London slums and left partially deaf from scarlet fever....
Hertz, Heinrich (1857-1894) : one small leap, one giant step
Heinrich Hertz was the first man to transmit an electrical current between two points without using a wire, paving the way for radio.

A physics teacher in Germany, he had read Maxwell's ideas on electricity and developed an experiment to see if the theories stood up to practice....
Hubbard, Gardiner Greene (1833-1884) : co-founder of Bell
Gardiner Hubbard was a founding partner of the Bell Telephone Company alongside Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Sanders, later becoming president of the National Geographic Society.

A lawyer and businessman, Hubbard believed that that Bell's inventions would go far, but selling the first phones was never easy....
Hughes, David Edward (1831-1900) : making the telegraph easy
David Hughes created the first mechanism for printing telegraph messages in words rather than dots and dashes.

Hughes emigrated to the USA from England, aged seven, where he became Professor of Music at St. Joseph's College in Kentucky in 1850....
Hunnings, Henry (1842-1886) : no divine intervention for invention
Henry Hunnings developed significant improvements to the voice transmitters in telephones.

Hunnings was the curate of the parish of Bolton Percy, near York, however he always seemed as interested in fiddling with electrical equipment as he did with the births, deaths and marriages of the village....
Hubbard & Bell
Alexander Graham Bell went to the United States as a teacher, rather than as an inventor. His lectures in teaching the deaf won him many friends - including a Boston attorney Gardiner Green Hubbard.

Hubbard hated the Western Union Telegraph Company, whom he accused of arrogance and bullying....
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