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Memories of a TAG clerk

I worked for BT (GPO / PO) from January 1967 to July 1992 and my first job was in Telephone Billing; initially in Manchester and then in the London area.

In the early 70s I was a telephone billing instructor at the training school in Bunhill Row and whilst sorting through my ´archives´ found my Quarterly Broken Period Rental Calculator A1314 (Revised 1972)

In those days subscribers (as they were called then!!!!) had to rent all their equipment and unfortunately they did not make changes to their requirements at the beginning and / or end of a quarter and so we had to calculate ‘broken periods’ and amend bills by hand!!

The ´subs´ also queried telephone calls, requested time to pay etc etc. and what fun we had at the end of each quarter as we had to account for all changes to a 1000 group of numbers and balance - to the penny!

I have submitted this in memory of my friend Barbara who I met at the training school. Unfortunately she is not able to share this memory but would be amused to know I had found my Broken Period Rental Calculator!

Notes on the use of the calculator

Picture location: Scan of Booklet
Date: 16-Feb-1972
Sent by: Janet Gregory
Category: Rules, regulations, working practices and instruments and information

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