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Santa on the line

Seven-year-old Kitty Attwell uses a Mickey Mouse phone to hear one of this year’s Dial-a-Santa stories.

She met Santa in person during his stay at Selfridge’s Christmas grotto.

Santa is letting children phone him at the North Pole from 10 December.

They will be able to hear his adventures each day as he makes last-minute plans for the distribution of gifts to homes all over the world.

The stories, a different one each day until Christmas Eve, will feature Santa, his dwarf helpers, the old man of the woods, Hercules the Bear and, of course, Santa’s reindeer.

[From Telecom Today, The British Telecom staff newspaper, December 1980]

Using a Micky Mouse phone to hear a Dial-a-Santa story

Picture location: Unknown
Date: 10-Dec-1980
Sent by: Jenny Shaw
Category: Advertising, demonstration, promotion and items with personal associations

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