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News: Avoncroft kiosks go automatic

announcement equipment

The kiosk collection goes automatic, not that visitors couldn't dial their own calls between kiosks before but now they can dial their own tour from the information point.

Thanks to the work of the Avoncroft volunteers and the support of BT Heritage a rack of historic electronics has been restored to its original working condition. The 1970s announcement equipment stands over two metres high but can only hold about as much recorded sound as a small memory stick. Never the less, it now holds the words of the volunteers describing all of the public kiosks in the collection and will soon provide descriptions of the other kiosks and exhibits.

John Young, volunteer curator said: "It now means that visitors can dial up information about the kiosk collection on days when volunteers are away from the museum." John further said: "An added bonus was that people who found it difficult to read the information signs now have access to a wealth of information."

To further bring the collection to life the volunteers plan is to install more audio equipment, of a modern design, which will hold selections of recorded memories, from BT Archives' Heritage Voices project, of people who used to work in the telecoms industry.

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