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Facts and resources to help plan lessons including timelines, summaries of changes for work, home, popular culture, population and technology, and support sheets for activities designed to meet the syllabus requirements for Key Stage 2 History QCA module 13 - How has life in Britain changed since 1948?

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fun and games

Can you beat our games? Explode equipment to see what's inside, hear the changing sounds of telecommunications, see how telecommunications designs have changed over time or send an e-postacard.

what's on

"A treasure trove of UK history", a new BT Archives feature launched on Find out more...

BT Archives goes social media with twitter and facebook.

audio history

Take a trip down memory lane with extracts of the interviews which have been recorded as part of the Connected Earth oral history programme.

featured story

100 years of automatic switching!
In 1912 the GPO installed Britain's first automatic telephone exchange in Epsom.

Discover the early days of the telephone...