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Conditions of contribution

By sending us your picture or comments you enter into an agreement with BT on behalf of Connected Earth concerning the content, publication and copyright of your contribution. Details are provided below and you must agree to these before sending your picture, article or comment.
BT has the right to reject a contribution if any requirements are not met.

If you have any questions not covered by these conditions please contact Connected Earth.


1. To be considered for publication any contribution must be within the defined scope of the History of the internet feature.

2. You must supply your name and e-mail address in case of editing queries and in order to maintain a list of copyright owners for pictures sent. Only your name will be published with your associated contribution. No other details will be published on the website. We will not use your details for any other purpose or pass them to third parties without your permission.

3. Only stories in English language can be accepted.

4. At our sole discretion we retain the right to arrange and/or remove contributions from the History of the internet feature on a temporary or permanent basis.

5. We are under no obligation to publish any contribution. The final decision to publish either on the website or in any publicity material rests with BT.

6. All contributions will be checked for suitability. We reserve the right to reject contributions on the grounds of copyright infringement, defamation, offensiveness or other legal considerations.

7. For the sake of clarity comment text or descriptions accepted for publication may be altered without the contributor being notified.

8. To aid the creation of thumbnails any digital images contributed may need to be cropped. This will be undertaken with the sensitivity of the image subject in mind.

9. We will aim to publish accepted pictures and stories within 5 working days of their receipt in accordance with the conditions above.

10. Regrettably, contributions cannot include hyperlinks to external websites.


1. You warrant that it is your own original work or that written permission has been received from a third party owner to use any other material and that you have the right to submit the contribution for publication on History of the internet. The rights of third parties including copyright, trademark, privacy, or proprietary rights must not be infringed.

2. If you do not know who owns the copyright or other rights in the material, you are advised not to include that material in your contribution.

3. You indemnify BT against all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be incurred as a result of your breech of the above warranty. This means that you have given BT the rights to publish your contribution on the web. Where images have been copied from other sites or sources, you have written permission to use this material. If these rights have not been obtained and the owners attempt to claim damages from BT for breech of copyright or other rights, then you will be liable for all costs.

4. You and any co-authors retain copyright of your own materials and are therefore free to publish them elsewhere.

5. You grant BT the right in perpetuity to publish your contribution on the Connected Earth website at and to use it in any Connected Earth publicity material.

6. You grant permission for your contribution to be edited for publication and web delivery if deemed necessary by BT. This means you waive you moral rights in the contribution for the purposes of its submission to and use by BT, according to condition 4 above.

7. You agree that BT shall not be responsible for any third party infringements of your rights in the contribution, copyright or otherwise, which may result from its publication on the Connected Earth website or its use in publicity material.

8. Anyone reproducing material from the Connected Earth website without permission is liable for any resulting copyright infringement.

9. These copyright guidelines do not constitute legal advice.

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