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The information age has changed the way we live and work. Discover the technology and the people behind modern communications.

Introducing communications
Over 2,000 years we have learned to communicate over land, sea & space. How did it start? What might the future hold?
First generation technologies
Early technologies of the telegraph, telephone, wireless, video and satellites brought new possibilities to connect with wider horizons.
Digital technologies
From 1945 communications expanded and matured into microwave, satellite, mobile and internet technologies, a true digital revolution.
Communications on the landscape
Overground and underground, telecommunications networks, buildings and equipment has changed our built environment.
Transforming society
The world we live in has been transformed by the discovery and development of the telegraph, telephone, wireless and video.
Living with telecommunications
Technologies like the telephone, radio and mobile have changed the way we live our lives.  Once regarded as miracles, they are now part of our daily lives.
It pays to advertise
The ways that companies communicated with the world and their own people provide us with voices and images from the past.
Private and public enterprise
Over the last 160 years ownership and control over UK telecommunication channels has swung from private enterprise to public control and back again.
fun and games

Can you beat our games? Explode equipment to see what's inside, hear the changing sounds of telecommunications, see how telecommunications designs have changed over time or send an e-postacard.

what's on

The UK's first permanent gallery dedicated to the history of information and communication technologies opens in the new Information Age gallery at London’s Science Museum.

audio history

Take a trip down memory lane with extracts of the interviews which have been recorded as part of the Connected Earth oral history programme.

featured story

100 years of automatic switching!
In 1912 the GPO installed Britain's first automatic telephone exchange in Epsom.

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