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The growth of the Internet
Today the Information Superhighway or Infobahn are no more than rather dated terms used for describing the Internet.

'Dated' in the Internet Age means anything that was said much more than a couple of years ago. Here, it means January 11, 1994, and US Vice-President Al Gore coining the phrase.

Around the time Mr Gore made that speech there were just over 2 million computers connected to the net. Within six years there would be well over 70 million computers with Web addresses.
The Internet becomes accessible
For practical purposes, the 'early days' of the World Wide Web were around the start of the 1990s. It was at that time that the Internet evolved to make it possible for anyone to use it without needing specialised knowledge.

Before that people had still been using their computers to communicate with others - but in ways that seem laughably primitive and cumbersome today.
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